Compact 20Te Diesel Powered Winches On Their Way!

Compact 20Te Diesel Powered Winches On Their Way!

The final delivery from North Sea Winches saw these compact 20 tonne diesel powered winches leave us in what was to round off a successful 2018. The manually operated system was made within a single frame for ease of transport and installation exactly how the customer requested it.

Some of the performance information for the winches is as follows:

Drive System: Hydraulic

Winch Performance:   Pull Load (kg):   Rope Speed (metres/min):

1st Layer                          20,600                     11.3
2nd Layer                        18,800                     12.5
3rd Layer                         17,200                     13.6

Rope Material: Wire Rope
Rope Length (Capacity): 150 metres over 4 layers
Rope Diameter: 32mm.

Controls: Spring centre control valve unit. Winch mounted motion control block. Double counterbalance & cross-line relief valves.

Winch Information:

Overall Dimensions (W x D x H):
1306mm x 1000mm x 1050mm

Weight (winch only, no wire): 1250 KG

DHPU Technical Information:
Drive System: Diesel Engine
DHPU Flow Rate: 148 litres per minute
DHPU Working Pressure: 200 Bar
Input (Power) Source: Diesel Engine 
Engine Rating: 50kW
Engine Oil: SAE 10W-40 (7 Litre Capacity, not including filter – Guide only)
Hydraulic Fluid: 32 Grade Hydraulic Oil
Tank Return Filter
Reservoir Capacity:
Minimum: 129 Litres (Red line on level indicator)
Maximum 185 Litres (Black

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