The final delivery from North Sea Winches saw these compact 20 tonne diesel powered winches leave us in what was to round off a successful 2018. The manually operated system was made within a single frame for ease of transport and installation exactly how the customer requested it.

Some of the performance information for the winches is as follows:

Drive System: Hydraulic

Winch Performance:   Pull Load (kg):   Rope Speed (metres/min):

1st Layer                          20,600                     11.3
2nd Layer                        18,800                     12.5
3rd Layer                         17,200                     13.6

Rope Material: Wire Rope
Rope Length (Capacity): 150 metres over 4 layers
Rope Diameter: 32mm.

Controls: Spring centre control valve unit. Winch mounted motion control block. Double counterbalance & cross-line relief valves.

Winch Information:

Overall Dimensions (W x D x H):
1306mm x 1000mm x 1050mm

Weight (winch only, no wire): 1250 KG

DHPU Technical Information:
Drive System: Diesel Engine
DHPU Flow Rate: 148 litres per minute
DHPU Working Pressure: 200 Bar
Input (Power) Source: Diesel Engine 
Engine Rating: 50kW
Engine Oil: SAE 10W-40 (7 Litre Capacity, not including filter - Guide only)
Hydraulic Fluid: 32 Grade Hydraulic Oil
Tank Return Filter
Reservoir Capacity:
Minimum: 129 Litres (Red line on level indicator)
Maximum 185 Litres (Black