North Sea Winches have recently delivered a stern anchor winch to A&P Tyne for fitment to ABC Maritime's chemical tanker Adfines Sea

The winch has a top layer pull of 17Te and a brake Load of 40Te and has been designed for fitment to vessels navigating the St Lawrence Seaway as regulations are tightened. The winch has capacity for 120 meters of 44mm diameter wire and 10 meters of 44mm chain.

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) will ultimately oversee the requirements of vessels over 125 meters in length and built after 1975 to fit a Stern Anchor Winch.


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The last few months have proved reasonably busy for North Sea Winches with various projects being completed

Our good friends at Ravestein have taken delivery of Two 12 tonne cargo winches and a 42mm Chain Anchor Winch

A small 12 tonne electric winch for new customer TimeLine International

A 17 tonne towing / Stern Anchor winch for ABC Maritime

Two rebuild programs for NERC and Hanson Aggregates

And a number of Trawl winches including a 17 tonne 3 drum and a 12 tonne 4 drum

With the festive season approaching we wish all our customers old and new Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year

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After the successful design and manufacture of a 45Te Hydraulic Winch with a brake load of 80Te, here at North Sea Winches we put the CWB-800 Winch and Dyneema rope through its paces. The winch pulled 75Te on core layer and withstood an 80Te brake test, the CWB-800 has now been safely delivered to Scotrenewables to be installed on their SR2000 floating tidal turbine.

The winch will be used to enable the mooring of the SR2000 to the seabed via a 4 line mooring System.

We are able to offer full testing of our winches, with our test bed capacity reaching 100Te Pull tests.  

Latest update to the 4 x 50Te Double Drum Electric Mooring Winches on the Elikia Accommodation Barge, destined for the Congo.

The winches and equipment were installed and commissioned in October 2014, handover of the barge from Bodewes Harlingen BV to Perenco took place at the end of 2014, seeing her being towed to her destination in the Congo.

A successful project all round.

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Winches for Bodwers Harlingen Shipyard in Holland

North Sea Winches have just delivered one of their largest contracts to date.

4 off 50 tonne double drum electric mooring winches for an accommodation barge, destined for the Gulf of Mexico.

The contract with Bodwers Harlingen Shipyard in Holland has been completed from initial talks through full design and manufacture in 24 weeks.

The winches have been supplied with Inverter driven power consuls, local controls, Running Line Monitors, Swivel Fairleads and Panama Chocks.

Handover of the barge is due in December to end user Perenco.