Last week saw North Sea Winches securing a contract to supply ramp winch and electronic control systems for the Kashagan Project in Kazakhstan!

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Last week North Sea Winches saw successful delivery of two GM-350K 45 tonne Hydraulic Luffing Winches, two CW-200 14 tonne Hydraulic Lifting winches and one 11.6 tonne Hydraulic Auxiliary Winch. The winches will be heading to Holland for installation on the Skylift-2 floating crane system.

North Sea Winches has used its electronical expertise to develop this wheelhouse display unit for a recent Port Authority project. The display units allow the operator to ensure safe operation of the winches remotely using electronic controls in the wheelhouse to the winches on deck (1 off 120Te & 2 off 20Te winches) 

North Sea Winches were proud to be exhibiting at the annual Seawork exhibition at the Mayflower Park in Southampton last week.

This week saw the fantastic GF-140 Winch leaving our facilities heading for the Shetland Isles to be installed on the MFV Renown LK52 Vessel.

The pictures show the winch just leaving the paint booth with our fantastic new standard company paint ready to be prepped for shipping.

Some performance data for this Fishing winch can be found below:

  • 12 tonnes at 30 metres/min on 1st layer, 248mm mean diameter
  • 5.2 tonnes at 69 metres/min on 9th (mid) layer, 568mm mean diameter
  • 3.4 tonnes at 103 metres/min on 16th (top) layer, 848mm mean diameter
  • Hydraulic capabilities 195 litres/min at 225 bar for 39rpm

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