For over 40 years we have been supplying the UK and International fishing fleets with hard working, dependable and cost effective deck equipment and hydraulics.

Standard product ranges can be tailored to suit any application from single drum scalloping winches to multi drum trawl winches. Combined with full system design, associated products, service and spares we can offer customers a complete solution to their fishing needs.

Our standard range of trawl winches are suitable for boats upto 30 meters in length.

The basis of all our trawl winches is a fabricated steel gearcase centrally mounted. Spur gearing running in an oil bath provides excellent starting torque and longevity. Heavy-duty bearings on the gearbox output and along the mainshaft give outstanding loading characteristics. Apart from the smallest winches in the range they are all driven by radial piston motors, all valves and controls are fitted to the winch, which is fully tested before leaving the factory.

Huge range of options available for every model.

Our standard range of net drums, complements our trawl winch range. Single or Split Drum, deck or gantry mounted, steel or aluminium flanges. Most are powered with a radial piston motor driving through an epicyclic gearbox mounted in the drum tube.