Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
This is the Health and Safety Policy Statement of North Sea Winches Ltd.

Our statement of general policy is:

Health & Safety Policy

North Sea Winches is located in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

Design, Manufacturing, assembly & testing facilities are located on site in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. 

North Sea Winches specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of Winches and Deck equipment for marine, offshore, oil and gas as well as onshore industrial applications.


Health & Safety Statement

North Sea Winches is committed to securing the health, safety and welfare of persons at work including the prevention of injury and ill health, through the establishment, documentation, implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of a Health & Safety Management System (HSMS).

North Sea Winches has established the following policy that defines the beliefs, intentions and direction of the organisation in relation to Health & Safety.  This policy is consistent with the nature and scale of the organisations occupational Health & Safety risks:

Duty of Care: North Sea Winches will provide safe plant and systems of work; arrange for the safe handling, transport and storage of articles and substances; provide information, instruction, training and supervision; provide and maintain a safe working environment.

Legal Compliance: North Sea Winches will commit to compliance with all occupational Health & Safety laws made within the UK.

Leadership: North Sea Winches top management will commit to the development and implementation of the Health & Safety Management System, by ensuring Health & Safety objectives are established cost-effectively, safely and efficiently and by conducting management reviews and ensuring the availability of resources.  Resources to be determined and provided include human resources, infrastructure and the working environment.

Involvement of People: North Sea Winches will involve all employees at all levels of the organisation by determining their necessary competencies and providing training to achieve this, wherever required.  All personnel are responsible for the Health & Safety of their work and will be consulted as to the relevance and importance of their activities and how they contribute to the achievement of objectives.

Continual Improvement: North Sea Winches will continually improve the effectiveness of the organisations system, through the setting of Health & Safety objectives, internal auditing, analysis of data, corrective & preventive actions and management review.

Factual Approach: North Sea Winches will provide a framework for setting and reviewing objectives by continually collecting and analysing appropriate data to verify, validate, monitor, measure, inspect and test the processes and activities forming the management system.  This data will provide information relating to Health & Safety performance and opportunities for preventive actions.

All of the above principles will be implemented by North Sea Winches across its full range of operations and at all levels of the organisation.        

Robert Gretton

Managing Director              

7th July 2015