Scotrenewables Tidal Turbine Winch

Scotrenewables Tidal Turbine Winch

After the successful design and manufacture of a 45Te Hydraulic Winch with a brake load of 80Te, here at North Sea Winches we put the CWB-800 Winch and Dyneema rope through its paces. The winch pulled 75Te on core layer and withstood an 80Te brake test, the CWB-800 has now been safely delivered to Scotrenewables to be installed on their SR2000 floating tidal turbine.

The winch will be used to enable the mooring of the SR2000 to the seabed via a 4 line mooring System.

We are able to offer full testing of our winches, with our test bed capacity reaching 100Te Pull tests.  

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